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About Us

The Promtherm Agria Combustion Ltd 1991 Eger operation of the Prometheus company was founded as an independent company.

In recent years the Company has been greatly transformed. In order to serve our customers' complex business significantly expanded our scope. The first few years were mainly municipal and industrial gas and oil burners servicing, but now our activities include: the Promtherm Agria Combustion Ltd 1991 Eger operation of the Prometheus company was founded as an independent company.

  • gas and heating equipment,
  • boiler repair, installation, boiler house refurbishment
  • gas appliances, installation, warranty and post-warranty repair, maintenance
  • environmental, economic and safety measurements
  • installation of gas detectors, calibration,
  • fűtésszabályzók installation, repair,
  • water softener installation, maintenance and regeneration
  • heating and air conditioning systems in buildings in operation, monitoring monitoring devices,
  • boilers , pumps, water softeners and other combustion equipment distribution,
  • Buderus and wholesale sales of Grundfos products. We trusted subcontractors involving chemical is water -side space cleaning, heating systems, thermal insulation, builder works.

In recognition of our company, our company more reputable dealer activities mandated duties. Among other things, Buderus, Saunier Duval, Danfoss, Weishaupt, BWT, Junkers, Vaillant, Riello. These systems are installed accordingly entitled to and beyond the warranty and repairs carried out.


Promtherm Agria Ltd has been performing its servicing activity in Heves County (Hungary) since 1991. Our mechanists attend technical trainings several times a year to develop their skills in the field of installing and repairing equipment professionally. The number of customers is increasing year by year, which confirms that our company has both professional and instrumental background which ensures high quality services.

Our firm is entitled to install and to maintain the following equipments: ARISTON, BUDERUS, BOSCH, JUNKERS, RIELLO, ROBUR, SAUNIER DUVAL, VAILLANT, VIESSMANN, WEISHAUPT, WOLF boilers, BWT water softeners, GRUNDFOS pumps, SYSENS gas detectors.


Our company undertakes the operation of boiler rooms and our specialists –mechanists and engineers – ensure a safe and economical operation at a high comfort level. All-the-time control is insured by a process controlling appliance and its system.


Our firm offers the construction of building engineering systems. We carry out implementing work from planning to completion within the following areas:

  • planning, installing, fixing new boiler rooms and heating systems
  • surveying old, out-of-date, uneconomical boiler rooms, making quotations, in case an order full implementation
  • servicing systems which provide common hot water in industrial and communal areas
  • hydraulic regulation of heating networks
  • installing thermostatic radiator valves
  • planning and servicing gas-mains, gas heated hot air blowers, customized gas heaters
  • fitting and servicing water softeners, filters, mud filters
  • supplementary activities along with servicing such as installing water treating equipment, electrical works, insulation, chimney works.

We mainly operate within Heves County. We also undertake the installation and in most cases the operation of the finished system. Quality work, simple and automatic as well as safe operation has of great importance. As for materials and items to be built in we prefer products at a higher price when implementing, cost-saving  and reliable in the long run though.

We are ready to serve our partners with a solid technical background and with a highly experienced and skilled staff.

Grundfos authorised service partner

Our firm undertakes

  • repairing, full renewing and regulating water and heating pumps
  • warranty and out-of warranty repairs, emergency and lump sum maintenance of  public and industrial pumps
  • sales of pumps and fittings
  • performace testing of pumps on test benches
  • testing energy efficiency of pumps
  • in case of lump sum contract annual inspections  with equipment condition assesment, and necessary maintenance as well as performance control


Our customers are welcome to our show-room  in Eger, 130 Mátyás király út, where a full range of Saunier Duval heating products are available and where you can buy Grundfos products at whole-sale and retail prices. We also distribute fittings and parts for gas detectors, water softeners and gas and oil heaters being serviced by us.